How to start Metaverse Marketing today

September 29, 2022
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A successful marketing campaign aims to reach as many people as possible and make them into customers. The metaverse is a future technology that grows quickly by the day (read more about it here). It is evolving into an exciting new space that opens up new ways of marketing as well. A metaverse is a decentralized space that connects various uses and events in one place. This makes it so, that marketing works on many levels, and reaches those people, that are open to it. Opposite to popular belief, metaverse don't need to use VR -or AR-Technology. By definition, a metaverse is any platform, that is always live, cannot be paused and can be used and influenced by anyone at any time.

Digital Marketing in the Metaverse?

The endless variety is easy to imagine, once you think of the metaverse as a new "place" not just an application people use with a goal. The very reason of a metaverse is to not have a clear path, but to rather be used as if it were just another reality its users enter. Now it is easy to imagine something as simple as a billboard that users see while passing certain key points or icons that appear on a map that is connected to the real world. The virtual attribute of a metaverse enables much more interactive marketing strategies though. An Icon that informs, can be turned into a game that might even offer rewards, giving users reason to visit real world places or billboards can into portals to new and exciting places. Marketing your product could become something exciting that users look forward to.

A good example for successful Meta-Marketing is the Adidas-Decentraland store. In combination with a NFT the company bought, they also opened up a "Mysterious Plot of Land". Only users and customers can get entry into their exclusive store, making people pay to be advertised to.

Marketing Campaigns in Metaverse

There are a multitude of successful marketing campaigns in existent metaverse. In one of the most successful metaverse application "Decentraland" companies bought plots of digital land for enormous amounts of money and turned or are turning them into digital stores and showrooms.

Huge Companies such as BMW, Gucci, Samsung or Adidas already created Metaverse Marketing Campaigns. The multitude of different marketing campaigns that already proved to be a success, show the versatility of the metaverse. As the digital content is consumed in a completely different matter, marketing solutions can be unique.

Easy access to a new Adspace

The most important aspect of a metaverse is, that a metaverse can be extended by any user if they wish to create something. Any of these extension could be a marketing campaign, that does not only advertise, but also contributes an experience to the metaverse it is in.

Looking at Ad's in the Internet, that we are used to, banners and videos are the standard. Most people would describe these campaigns as disruptive or annoying, yet they are still successful. The Metaverse Adspace allows for a marketing campaign, that reaches anyone using the internet, yet is seen as something entertaining or enjoyable.

Should you own NFTs and Crypto?

Whether crypto and NFTs are a sensible investment choice for a private person is something, everyone has to decide for themselves. On a corporate level, both choices do make sense though. Crypto are used for transactions in metaverse, as they are decentralized and safe. Companies that plan on investing and creating, have to decide on a metaverse application first though, they use different currencies. The advantage of investing in crypto is, that they have value outside their metaverse application. Even if your company does not plan on building a metaverse campaign yet, it might be a good choice of creating a crypto portfolio.

Bitcoin is the most famous of many crypto currencies

NFT or Non-fungible-token are digital assets that can neither be faked nor stolen. Through a decentralized system the current owner can be verified at all times, thus making it the choice of ownership for metaverse. As a company it does make sense buying NFTs, since they for example prove ownership of digital land. Creating NFTs does make sense at the same time, as customers might want to acquire a digital assets that tie to their metaverse experience or even real items.

Start with 3D Marketing

The evolution of metaverse creates a new need for content. While we are used to 2D content, may it be videos or pictures, 3D marketing was never as viable. Instead of simply seeing a model wear sneakers, a user could try them on their avatar or through AR even themselves. The 3D mechanics enable companies to combine their marketing strategies with content easier than ever. Metaverse are still developing, and while it might not yet be what it will be in the future, now is a good moment to make experiences. Why not develop 3D-strategies while people are craving content?

Many plots of digital land have been bought for huge amounts of money

Let us help you - Your Meta-Marketing Campaign

We at weltfern have a lot of experience with virtual production and are developing digital solutions since years. Together with you, weltfern can realize the needs of your company and develop your ideas. If the thought of metaverse marketing sounds interesting to you, don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

Create your own Metaverse?

How will 3D content be created in the future?

In the future 3D as we know it now will probably be something completely different. While the technology to simply scan real-world items already exists, it is still very expensive. This will change over time and a 3D-Designer may be replaced by a machine. This does not make 3D marketing obsolete though, as we expect metaverse to solidify its position as an alternate virtual reality.

The idea to create solely for a digital purpose is already real to some extent, the metaverse will simply take it further. Stylistic choices made for clothing or other products can be thought completely different when created for a digital customer base. For a company that thinks about investing into a metaverse, it is a very smart idea to already improve their 3D-Strategies. Digital content will matter even more in the future and missing out on an early start would similar to missing out on the rise of the internet itself.

Start now with your 3D marketing strategy

But why stop at marketing in a metaverse, if you can create your own metaverse? There are many different kinds of metaverse and building your own can have massive advantages. As an easily accessible and interactive digital platform it may be the best thing for your product. We at weltfern would love to develop an interactive digital experience for you and your company. Depending on your product, a metaverse could provide a space for users to try on and share clothing or even rooms in which users can place objects, design spaces and interact with their surroundings. We'd be happy to advise you on possible options and prices.

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