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The augmentable animation features are unique - using .glb which is referred as the JPEG of 3D! Multiple animation clips can be merged into one 3D object without any effort. This means you can animate an asset with different poses, animations and cycles and select each of them inside augmentable and play them in augmented reality. This helps with quick creation and feedback on iterations of assets, while maintaining the convenience of having everything on one platform.

Prepare your 3D Assets for Animation 

But now let's get started, there are a few steps that need to be taken care of for now with a 3D software or toolkit of your choice.

The first step of course is creating or generating an animation for example keyframe animation with Blender or Motion Capture animation with Mixamo, MoCap Online or another program of your choice. For this your asset will need a so called rig, which is basically a bone structure inside your character. For example you will have to apply your human character model to a human bone rig in order to animate it.

After creating your rig and applying animations or motion capture files to your assets you can export those as a GLB with embedded and baked animation clips. Another way to create animations would be with so-called blendshapes. You could use your existing character and duplicate it in another pose and blend between the main and new pose.

Upload your Asset with augmentable

When preparing your assets, augmentable gives you the option to upload your high-polygon or low-polygon mesh to the platform. These assets are automatically prepared for you using what we call the "Remesh & Optimization" process, which we mentioned in our earlier blog post. 

This process is not only to reduce the file size, but also to simplify the object and keep the details of the original asset. This process is called baking. Simply put, augmenting means projecting the details onto the simplified mesh and applying them as a texture image.

What's especially great is you can change these settings depending on your final specifications.

Have you seen our knight swinging his sword in augmented reality? We can even make a spaceship fly like this - the sky is not the limit after all!
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Review your GLB Animation

Now you can move your animated asset as you like or play a specific sequence of movements as a loop by activating the animation feature in the viewer setting. In our animation settings, you can also play different movements one after the other or just blend between multiple clips and thus virtually view and edit the timing of the sequence. The individual movements are saved externally, let your asset jump, run, hop, sleep, sit down or dance. In addition, there are the functions to apply shadows,  change brightness and contrast and to view your asset in front of different colors and backgrounds. You can also feedback on the existing animation with the change dot feature to quickly review or just comment on your asset.  With the screen capture function you can even create short clips. All in one program, if that's not augmentable.