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User Experience Design, Digital Art, 3D-Design, Asset Creation, Content Creation, Concept Art, Storytelling. weltfern interactive UG consists of concept creators, strategists and designers who can take your company beyond the digital boundaries. Work with us to see what an efficient design study, a richer customer experience and top 3D-Designs can do for you.

Take a look at our fields of activity:

User Experience:

It’s the People who make the (digital) difference: A good user experience is often the part of an application that is strongly underestimated. But this can make the difference between a successful and a good application - or one that is not used. Part of the user experience, for example, is the design (also UX design). weltfern interactive does not only refer to one opinion: We go the whole way until we have created the perfect result. From the creation of personas within the target group to market research and testing by real people - we leave nothing to chance.

Digital Design and Art Work:

Due to the high coverage distribution of digital media and content, digital design is nowadays the most important field of work in the areas of design, planning, conception, creation and drafting. Even goods and products that are considered to be completely analogue are designed digital. All forms of sales, product development or services benefit from navigation and user experiences that would not be possible without digital design.


Gamification has set new standards in recent years. This is especially true for serious applications in general and for immersive technologies in particular. Through gamification elements in connection with psychological concepts and well-founded research findings, completely new possibilities can be opened up for the respective user. Gamification characterizes the transfer of game-typical elements and processes into contexts that were actually not originally related to the game.

The main aim of these elements is to increase motivation and change the behaviour of users. In the application of game design principles, the main focus is on overcoming goals, such as specific tasks, but also individual or collaborative achievements. Gamfication is already successfully used in many applications: in business applications, in learning environments, but also in shopping, entertainment and advertising.


Storytelling is one of the primal forms of human communication. But a few centuries have passed since stories were told around a campfire to the conquest of virtual worlds. Nevertheless, the effect of storytelling is unbroken. Above all in the media and in serious applications, far too few providers still use the powerful effect of storytelling. Storytelling has an emotional effect and messages can be anchored particularly well and permanently in the minds of the target groups. But important is the emotional connection - especially in conjunction with the user experience, the content, possible gamification elements and the design.

Today, B2B storytelling is generally regarded as one of the most important prerequisites for successful content marketing, especially due to digitalization.

Content Creation:

The golden rule: content is king! No matter whether you want to create a software application, a media production, an advertising campaign or a product presentation: without the right content it is difficult to be successful. But good content also requires good strategic planning. This is why content creation first deals with the planning of content - in relation to the respective personas and their customer journeys. The next step is to define the possible content of the content production.

These strategic decisions also include business management considerations, such as the use of internal and external resources.

High-quality content and specified case studies ensure that more factual information is conveyed, complex topics are made individually accessible, facts can be processed in a meaningful way, information remains longer in the memory and emotions are aroused.

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COPYRIGHT © 2019 weltfern interactive ALLE RECHTE VORBEHALTEN.
COPYRIGHT © 2019 weltfern interactive ALLE RECHTE VORBEHALTEN.
COPYRIGHT © 2019 weltfern interactive ALLE RECHTE VORBEHALTEN.

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